Hi and welcome to the personal website of Steve ‘Starlo’ Starling*. Over coming months and years I’ll be exploring all manner of fishing-related topics via this site, but my primary motivation will always be to improve your enjoyment and understanding of recreational angling. If you’re interested in following these pages and/or blogs, please click to accept e-mail notifications about their postings (simply scroll down to the bottom of the menu column at left and click where appropriate), and also consider joining me on Facebook at StarloFishing and following me on Twitter.

* Steve ‘Starlo’ Starling is Australia’s best-known and most prolific fishing writer, having published over 20 books, thousands of magazine articles and scores of DVDs and videos. Starlo was a co-presenter on the “Rex Hunt Fishing Adventures” TV show through the 1990s and is today increasingly active in on-line recreational angling media.